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Oct 15, 2023

Hawkman and Hawkgirl News and Info (October 8-14)


Here is where the Hawks showed up this week! 

The Secret Files and Origins: Hawkman (October 2002)

10 Most Surprising Professions of Justice League Members in DC History (Gobookmart)
   About 15 heroes were listed, and the Hawks as museum curators were on the list as well. This was kind of surprising because the Hawks' use of weapons and their knowledge of archaeology made them perfect for the job. Even Shayera says in a Superman team-up story that she knows more about archaeology than most of the Ph.D.s on the planet. But the article does note that the job was a perfect fit for them. 

   I guess a lot of it is speculation, but it's still not quite clear which Hawkgirl is going to show up. It appears to be Kendra (who is Hispanic like the actress), but the couple for art pieces that have come out have her with long hair and Kendra has never had long hair. She looks more like Shayera from the Justice League cartoon. Let's hope they don't throw a mish-mash at us and at least TRY to make an effort to stay true to the source material. 

SUPERMAN LEGACY: The Stellar Cast and Exciting Characters (NeonMusic) 
   Hawkgirl and Isabela Merced are introduced in the article. 

The Hawkman Universe Guide (2022)

Hawkman Day is November 20th! 
   Ever since I started the Hawkworld groups in 2016, we have been celebrating Hawkman Day in November. There is some debate about what day the first issue of Flash Comics was actually released, but we've settled on November 20. The celebration caught the eye of Jennifer DeRoss who wrote Gardner Fox's biography (published in 2019) and even mentioned it in the book. Every year, I do different projects to celebrate the day. The 80th anniversary in 2019 was a collage of all the Hawkmen over the years in the style of Nicola Scott's covers. The final issue of Robert Venditti's Hawkman series was in November 2020, so I did a collage of that amazing series. Last year I made a Hawk Universe Guide/Map. This year, I'm hoping to post the history of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. I've been working on this for about two years and I'm going to have to hit it hard, but hopefully, it will be ready in time. 

Hawkgirl #4 is out on October 17th. 
   We're halfway through the 6-issue series. The last issue gave us one of the worst panels ever to appear in a Hawkman/Hawkgirl story, and it left me thankful that writer Jadzia Axelrod said Hawkman would never appear in the series. I've done a few polls to see how the readers are feeling about the book, and 20 percent seem to be liking it. I have no idea how the book is actually selling, but one Hawkworld member said it was No. 157 for the month or something like that. I'm surprised it was that high. I will continue to pick up the book, just to see how much damage is done to the character is done to Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders. 

Zero Hour Hawkman

Not sure what this is...

Odd Hawkman Figure from McFarlane Toys 
    The Zero Hour Hawkman by McFarlane Toys is out this month. It's a pretty good-looking figure and all Hawkman figure collectors should pick it up. This particular Hawkman was in the comics from 1994 to 1996, so it was a rather odd choice for a character, but better late than never I guess. Maybe we'll have a figure of the current Hawkman in...1947? 
   But then another Hawkman figure was released by McFarlane and it's a rather odd one. It appears they took the Zero Hour Hawkman figure and repainted it in the style of the Silver Age Hawkman, with the special bonus of green gloves. Hawkman has never looked like this in anything I know of, but some fans say that it reminded them of the Super Friends Hawkman. Apparently, it is an extremely limited edition so it may be a bit hard to find or very expensive. 

Hawkman writer Robert Venditti's New Series 
   Hawkman Vol. V writer Robert Venditti's new Sandman series started this week and the first issue was fantastic! I've never been a Sandman fan, but Venditti just might make me one. Seriously, DC Comics needs to give this man the Superman or Action Comics series and let him do it as long as he wants. Check out Sandman if you haven't already! And for that matter, if you haven't read Venditti's Hawkman (2018-2021, 29 issues), you're missing out on one of, if not, the best Hawkman series ever. Trust me! 

That's it for this week. Stay alert for the Hawks and keep soaring! 

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