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Oct 8, 2023

Hawkman and Hawkgirl News and Info (October 1-7)

   Things are a bit slow in Hawkworld at the moment, so news-worthy updates are a bit hard to come by. The Hawks are still popping up here in there, mostly in CBR's Top Ten lists and updates-that-aren't-really-updates on Hawkgirl in Superman Legacy articles. If alert Hawkfans notice something in the news, throw me a message here or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky, or Mastodon and I'll add it to the next update! Keep soaring! 

Black Adam (2022)

   In Black Adam, Hawkman seemed pretty powerful. He was trading blows with Black Adam, a character that can go toe-to-toe with Superman. He also seemed to figure out how to handle Black Adam's lightning when he blocked and threw it back at him with his mace. The current Hawkman in comics is pretty powerful but maybe not at that level. His fighting skills and expertise with weapons definitely raise his level. But it's still nowhere near Superman or Black Adam. 

My Adventures with Superman / Carter and Shiera art by Emily Jayne Weber

10 DC Characters Who Deserve An Animated Series Like My Adventures With Superman ( 
   I've never watched it, but apparently, My Adventures with Superman is a hit with viewers. An animation show featuring Carter and Shiera Hall's adventures would be a pretty interesting idea. Maybe this little article will catch the eye of some producer out there who is looking for ideas. 

Hawkworld Vol. 1 #3 (1989)

   Imagine a TV or movie that would pick up Hawkworld as a mini-series. It'd be an Outer Space Blade Runner with two superheroes and a shapeshifting villain. And just like the comic did when it came out, it would be a massive hit if done right. 

Lord of the Void / Hawkman Vol. V No. 25 (August 2020)
   We first learned of this villain in Hawkman Vol. V #7 when we were introduced to Hawkman's origin story. He finally showed up in issue #23 and Fernando Pasarin's art on this character was pretty awesome. Hawkman and Hawkwoman ended their reincarnation cycle by defeating this villain, but this is the comics, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up somewhere again someday. 

Hawkman Vol. V #29 (Jan. 2021) / Art by Mikel Janin
   I debated adding this article, but this is what fans have to pick through on many of the sites to find articles by writers who have actually read the comics. CBR has some decent writers (Ashley Land, for example), but sometimes we get this. The core of the Hawkman story is his love and partnership with Hawkwoman, but sometimes we get articles like this. 

10 DC Universe Characters Ben Affleck Can Play Now That He's Done With Batman

Hawkworld Joins Bluesky  
   Hawkworld joined yet another social media site! @SuperBatMarc (Twitter handle) graciously sent me an invite code so I joined. After a few posts, I noticed that Robert Venditti wasn't on yet so I sent him the invite code and he joined right away! There are a bunch of comics people on the site, so if you get an invite, come look for Hawkworld!

Hawkman and Hawkwoman; The Changeling / Art by Fico Ossio

"Hawkman and Hawkwoman: The Changeling"
   Reminder: The first six pages of Cavan Scott (script) and Fico Ossio's (art) story show up as a back-up feature in Superboy Man of Tomorrow #6 on October 10th. The Superboy series ends with this issue so who knows where the next part will show up. IF it shows up. I'll keep looking. 

A Mock-Up I made back in 2019 for Hawkman's 80th anniversary 

My Pitch to DC Comics 
   Sometimes I wake up early in the morning with my mind immediately running at full speed and I get these ideas that I sometimes not so wisely post on social media. My frustration with DC came spilling out the other day so I posted something I called "My pitch to DC Comics." I expected it to be ridiculed and cut down in every way possible but the response was 99% positive and I received almost zero negative comics. It shows that most comics fans are frustrated with how comics in general are doing these days. I'm sure the marketing experts will be able to tell us why this would never work, but here it is. 
My pitch to DC Comics.
How about an annual issue if we can't have an ongoing series for Carter and Shayera? Once a year. Like the Wal-Mart giant issues.
4 stories;
Hawkman-Hawkwoman story
Hawkman solo or team up with Atom
Hawkwoman solo
Past story with a guide to where to find it

Make sure you invite Robert Venditti back to write one (or all!) of the stories.
Make cheap pulp paper books for the kids so they can afford them. Put out the limited glossies and variants for adults who want to spend money on that. Start acting like a company that wants to sell its books instead of making customers look for something to replace you.
Put a different character or team's book out every month. Get the kids (and the adults) interested in the heroes. Leave them wanting more. Make the digital copies of past comics more accessible and easier to find. Put an address in each book so they can find it.
One thing you definitely need to do is to make DC Universe Infinite accessible to everyone on the planet. It's been years since you opened the site. Get it going. Marvel Unlimited is available. Why isn't DC Comics?

And that's it for this week. 

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