Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Dec 1, 2019

Explaining Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and Hawkgirl (December 1, 2019 Update)

Here is my December 1, 2019 attempt at explaining the current Carter Hall, Shayera Hol, and Kendra Saunders. The situation continues to change and we find out something more almost every issue. I've tried to piece everything that we have so far to see how the current Hawks are connected. Feel free to ask questions or debunk my theories in the comments below!
First, Carter Hall. In the Metal series (2017-2018), Carter Hall worked with Shiera to discover the secrets of the Dark Multiverse. When they discovered the coming threat, Carter went into the Dark Multiverse to fight it, but was taken over by Barbatos and turned into the Dragon of Barbatos for many years. After the Justice League defeated Barbatos, they were able to bring Carter back to their multiverse and he was able to revert to his former self. So this current Hawkman is not a reincarnated version of the former Carter Hall, but the original Carter who fought with the Justice League.
Art by Bryan Hitch
In Hawkman No. 1, Madame Xanadu says that she heard he had died a couple of times since she last saw him. It may have been a joke, but she may be referring to his disappearance in the Multiverse. During his current life, he met Shiera and they were married and fought together until he went into the Dark Multiverse. So this current Carter doesn't just remember Shiera from a former life. He is the one who was actually married to her. That may be why he longs for her and wants to tell her what he has found out but hesitates to contact her because Shayera/Kendra have their own issues. However, he has been seen with Kendra a few times in the Justice League series, but there does not seem to be anything between them. Nothing. But we did get a different reaction from Carter when Shayera showed up at the end of Hawkman No. 19. Could she be the Shiera he has been longing for?

Art by Pat Olliffe
Next, Shiera to Shayera/Kendra. Shiera Hall was married to Carter Hall and was an archaeologist herself. She also fought alongside him as Hawkgirl. She was against Carter going into the Multiverse, but he went in and disappeared. After he disappeared, we're not told what happened to her but it appears that she eventually died and was reincarnated. However, when she reincarnated, she was split into two people; Shayera and Kendra. The villain in the current Justice League series called Perpetua used The Totality to split her in two because Shiera had the power to stop Perpetua when she would try to return. Separated, Shiera would be too weak to do anything.
Art by Andy Kubert
Shayera was reincarnated from Shiera as the daughter of Thal Provis, Lord of Thanagar. She was married to Katar Hol, the Savage Hawkman and took his name. Thanagar was attacked by Despero and was practically destroyed. Katar died trying to stop him. With Thanagar destroyed, Shayera led her people back to the ancient and original Thanagar called Thanagar Prime. It was ruled by the demon Onimar Synn, but they were able to overthrow him and Shayera became the Empress of Thanagar. Under the influence of the Absorbascon, she used any way necessary to rebuild Thanagar and broke many laws. When the Martian Manhunter helped her break free from its control, she realized she was wrong. Starman used his powers to make her a whole person (for the first time in her life), she was about to be arrested by the Green Lantern Corps, but she was given another chance to lead her people in the right way. Since then, she has been rebuilding Thanagar and assisting the Justice League with her Thanagarian army when they need help. And now, she has appeared before Carter Hall in his hour of need.

Art by Pat Olliffe
Kendra was reincarnated on Earth and joined the Blackhawks. She eventually became their leader and led the secret resistance against the Dark Multiverse. When Barbatos threatened to come into the Multiverse, she came to the Justice League to help. During the Metal event, she was transformed into Lady Blackhawk creature by Barbatos, but Wonder Woman helped her break the hold. After Barbatos was defeated, Kendra became Hawkgirl, with powers that she did not fully understand. She was invited to join the Justice League in their effort to stop Perpetua from returning.
Art by Jim Lee
Kendra does not seem to have any feelings for Carter, only the memories of what she shared with him in her previous lives. As a member of the Justice League, she developed romantic feelings for the Martian Manhunter, but it was an awkward relationship. However, during a battle in the 6th dimension, they discovered that the versions of themselves there had a son. When that hypothetical dimension was destroyed by Superman, their "son" returned with them, complicating (cementing?) their relationship.

Art by Jim Cheung
During a mission to Thanagar Prime, Kendra fought Shayera but Starman stepped in to restore Kendra and Shayera and made them whole. This helped Kendra to see what she had to do to defeat Perpetua. The plans laid out by Starman and the Justice League have failed, however. The Martian Manhunter appears to have been killed after an attack by Lex Luthor, devastating Kendra. She vowed revenge on Luthor, but her desire for revenge ruined Starman's plans to defeat Perpetua. She has been gravely injured and is currently on the run from Perpetua and Luthor with her son.
Shayne, son of Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl
Art by Javier Fernandez
So there are the current situations of the three Hawks currently in the DC Universe. Another Hawkman from a different Golden Age has been with Flash and GL John Stewart in the Justice League series but how that story will end is hard to say. The status of the three will be updated as we go so check back after a Justice League or Hawkman issue is released for some updates!


  1. I know they are using the Savage Hawkman for Shayera, but that doesn't make any sense. They were never married in the N52 and she had blonde hair. In the Death of Hawkman mini, I don't remember it saying he was married to Shayera, buy he was cheating on her in the first issue if he was. I really wish they would have used the Silver Age versions. Katar could be dead, and brought back, or whatever, but the continuity in the old universe could possibly be restored...

    1. I had the same questions, and James Tynion (who wrote Justice League 14-16) replied on Twitter that the Shayera from the Savage series was retconned and her back story had been changed. Flashpoint and Rebirth caused a lot of changes in the past stories.


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