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Nov 28, 2019

Sky Tyrant: The Evil Hawkman from Earth-3

Hawkman is going to be one of the six heroes who are "infected" by the Batman Who Laughs in a DC Comics event this fall. Here's the cover for Hawkman No. 18 (out on November 13th) by Tyler Kirkham introduces us to Sky Tyrant, the evil Hawkman of Earth-3. I'll revise this post as he makes other appearances!

Art by Lucio Parrillo
Ink Version
Art by Tyler Kirkham

Art by Pat Olliffe (Hawkman #18)
Art by David Marquez (Batman/Superman #4)
Art by David Marquez (Batman/Supreman #4)
Art by Eduardo Pansica (Supergirl #36)
Art by Laura Braga (Supergirl Annual #2)
Sky Tyrant Appearances (As of November 27th):
Hawkman No. 17 (Released October 9th)
Hawkman No. 18 (Released November 13th)
Batman/Superman No. 4 (Released November 20th)
Supergirl No. 36 (Released November 20th)
Supergirl Annual No. 2 (Released November 27th)

Upcoming Appearances: 
Hawkman No. 19 (Released December 11th)
Supergirl No. 37 (Released December 11th)
Batman/Superman No. 5 (December 18th)
Year of the Villain Hell Arisen No. 1 (December 18th)


  1. I love it, I hope Tyler Kirkham is the new artist for the Title going forward

    1. I think he just did this one variant cover but we'll have to wait and see!

  2. Oh! I can't believe I have only just found your blog! Reading through your back log, very much enjoying it.

  3. Just discovered your site... looking forward to digging around your content!

    Looking forward to this issue... the Kirkham acetate cover is vicious! The appearance of Sky Tyrant at the end of issue 17 was just fantastic...

    I've been reading and collecting comics since the mid 60s and Hawkman was never on my radar. I knew who the character was, just never appealed to me. At the start of the current volume, I liked the cover of Issue 2, so picked up 1 and 2 and gave them a read; I was instantly hooked. Art and story was very interesting!

    Since then, I have been going back and grabbing the other volumes, and have been thoroughly enjoying them.


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