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May 17, 2018

The History of the Logos of Hawkman Comics

The new logo for the Hawkman series by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch starting on June 13th has been released. The general reaction of Hawkfans seems to be very positive. Hawkman has had several official logos over the years, starting with the logo for the Brve the Bold series back in 1961. Here is a rundown of the logos for Hawkman and Hawkgirl regular series and mini-series over the years.

The Brave and the Bold No. 34-36, 42-44, Hawkman Vol. 1 (1964-1968)
Designed by Ira Schnapp

Design by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (1982)

The Shadow War of Hawkman (1985)
Designed by Todd Klein

Hawkman Vol. 2 (1986-1987) Designed by Ira Schnapp

Hawkworld Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (1989-1993)

Hawkman Vol. 3 (1993-1994)

Hawkman Vol. 3 1995-1996

Hawkman Vol. 3 (1985)

Hawkman Vol. 3 1995-1996

Hawkman Vol. 4 (2002-2006)

Hawkgirl (2006-2007)

The Savage Hawkman (2011-2013)

Death of Hawkman (2016-2017)

Hawkman Vol. V (2018-)

It's going to be interesting to see how long this new series lasts! Venditti's series often go to around 50 issues so let's hope we will see this new logo for many years to come!

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