Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Jan 21, 2021

Tim Board's Hawkworld Gallery


Since I first started following Hawkman in 1977, I've gradually built up my collection of Hawkman and Hawkwoman comics, art, trades, figures, and other items. I've especially worked on building up my art collection in recent years. Here is a list of the items I have displayed in my collection. 

1. Hawkman Commission by Prentis Rollins: I asked Prentis to do a version of the cover of Flash Comics No. 2 with the current Hawkman. 

2. Hawkman Commission by Alex Saviuk

3. Original cover of Action Comics No. 588 which I bought from the
colorist Tom Zuiko. 

4. Hawkman commission by Gary Shipman

5. Hawkman and Hawkwoman commission by David Hillman

6. Hawkman and Hawkwoman commission by Prentis Rollins

7. Hawkman and Hawkwoman commission by Prentis Rollins

8. Original art by Rags Morales which I bought from an art dealer. 

9. Hawkman and Hawkwoman by Mikel Janin: This is just a printed
out copy, but it is a "cleaned up" version of the art from the over of Hawkman No. 29. I asked Mikel if he could do it and he obliged. 

10. Original Hawkwoman by Mark Marvida which I bought from an
art dealer.

11. Print of the cover of Justice No. 7 signed by artist Alex Ross

12. Hawkman commission by Stephen Sadowski

13. Hawkman and Hawkgirl original by Doug Zawisza, author of
Hawkman Companion. Doug sent these to me with some Hawkfigures a few years ago. 

14. A print of the double spread by Bryan Hitch from Hawkman Vol. V No. 1, signed by Robert Venditti

15. Hawkman commission by David Hillman

16. A print out of Gardner Fox with his signature. I had never
seen Gardner Fox's signature, so I asked Greg Fox and Terri Fox if they had something with his signature. Greg and Terri are the grandchildren of Garder Fox and also members of Hawkworld on Facebook. They were extremely helpful and generous in sending me a copy of Fox's signature. 

17. Sheldon Moldoff's signature

18. Hawkman art by Chris Giarrusso which I got from an

19. Mini-comic collection: a miniature of Flash Comics No. 1 that
come with a Hawkman figure, a mini-comic that came with the Super Powers Hawkman figure, a mini-comic that came with Leaf candy, a mini-comic from Burger King

20. House Ad full size poster for The Shadow War of Hawkman
No. 1

21. Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman print signed by Falk

22. Smallville Hawkman print signed by Michael Shanks

23. Hawkman Collage I made for Hawkman's 80th anniversary,
November 2019

24. Collage I made of Hawkman Vol. V

25. Hawkman and Hawkwoman commission by Prentis Rollins

26. Official print of the famous Hawkwoman art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

27. Official print of Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and the Atom signed by Alex Saviuk

28. Print of Hawkman drawings by Joe Kubert with an
authentic Joe Kubert signature

29. Official print of the famous Hawkman art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

30. Original animation cells from the 1967 Filmation Hawkman cartoons 

31. Trades, Omnibuses, and collections of Hawkman and DC Comics. 

32. Hawkman helmet by Geek Corner

33. Forgotten All-Star: A Biography of Gardner Fox by Jennifer
DeRoss (I get a mention in the book!)

34. Hawkman's TV Appearance DVDs: Legends of the
Superheroes (1979), Superman/Batman Public Enemies (2009), Smallville Seasons 9/10, The Flash Season 2 (2015), Arrow Season 4 (2015), Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 (2016)

35. Sheldon Cooper Hawkman T-shirt figure

36. Hawkman and Hawkgirl Heroclix figures

37. Hawkman and Atom Mini-bust

38. Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Gentleman Ghost, Shadow Thief Lego figures

39. Hawkman sculpture by Ice Breaker Designs

40. Funko Pop: Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Legends of Tomorrow
Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Dorbz Hawkman and Hawkgirl

41. 1966 Hawkman badge (11 so far!)

42. Various badges, pins, and a Hawkman Hot Wheels

43. Over 300 Hawkman comics! 

Signed comics: Justice League of America No. 72 signed
 by Neal Adams, Super Powers No. 2 signed by Paul Kupperberg, Hawkworld No. 1-3 signed by Tim Truman, Hawkman Vol. 4 No. 46 signed by Adam Kubert, Hawkman Vol. V No. 1 signed by Robert Venditti, Hawkman Vol. V No. 1-29 all signed by Robert Venditti

Also, an ever-growing collection of Hawkman figures!

(Over 50 and counting)

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