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Apr 22, 2019

About the artists taking on Hawkman after Bryan Hitch.

Covers for Hawkman Bryan (12), Will Conrad (13), Roger Robinson (14)
With Bryan Hitch leaving the Hawkman series after issue No. 12 (release date May 8th), there has been some speculation about the artists for the following issues. We've seen the solicitations for June and July. For issue No. 13, Will Conrad is doing the artwork. We were wondering if he was going to continue but the July solicitations show us that Pat Olliffe and Tom Palmer are doing the art for No. 14. So some fans were wondering if this was going to continue; a different artist for each issue. And that sometimes means the series is in trouble.

Bryan Hitch, Will Conrad, and Pat Olliffe
I had the chance to ask Hawkman writer Robert Venditti about the artist situation. This is what he told me. Right now they are planning to have a different artist for each story arc. Bryan Hitch handled the first arc (#1-12), and the Will Conrad issue is a stand-alone. Pat Olliffe will be doing the artwork for #14-17, a four-issue arc. After this, they are not sure yet.
Variants by Julian Totino Tedesco (12), In-Hyuk Lee (13), Bill Sienkiewicz (14)
 But Venditti is busy writing issue No. 17, and I believe the series will continue. However, sales are important. The sales for Hawkman are slowly declining and issue No. 10 finally fell under 20k. There are two things we need to do.
Hitch's final issue is coming out in May and we need to pick this up if we can. Also, the first trade called Hawkman Awakening is out on June 12th. We need to pick these up as much as possible. The sales for the trade appears to be a figure DC looks closely at. To keep Hawkman soaring, let's pick up the comics each month and the trade in June, tell your friends to pick it up, and tell your comic book dealer to stock it! Venditti and Hitch have gotten Hawkman off to an amazing start, and it's the fans' job to keep it soaring! 
Hawkman Vol. 1 TP Awakening, Cover by Sejic Stjepan
Hawkman No. 12 (May 8)
Hawkman No. 13 (June 12)
Hawkman No. 14 (July 10)
Hawkman Vol. 1 TP Awakening (June 12)

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