Art by Adam Kubert

Sep 17, 2020

Hawkgirl Ukiyo-e by Kota Nakatsubo

This is a ukiyo-e art piece by ukiyo-e artist Kota Nakatsubo. Ukiyo-e is a famous style of Japanese art which was popular during the 17th to 19th centuries. The use of hawks, clouds, feathers, and even the mace as the sun is beautifully creative. 

There are three panels with writing on the right of the picture. The white panel says "鷹" (taka、ou) which means hawk and "女" (onna, jo) which means woman. 

The red panel is very interesting. It is a "yojij yukugo" (四字熟語) or in English, a four-letter compound idiom. A good example would be "isseki nichou" (一石二鳥) which means "one stone two birds." 
In this ukiyo-e, the four letters in the red panel says "gi yuu nin kyou" (義勇任侠). 
義 (gi) means justice or righteousness.
勇 (yuu) means bravery.
任 (nin) and 侠 (kyou) together mean "unable to ignore the suffering of others."

Check out Kota Nakatsubo's Twitter and Art Station pages! 

Sep 12, 2020

Hawk News from DC Comics Solicitations December 2020

 The DC Comics Solicitations for December 2020 have been released. Hawkman Vol. V is no more, but there are a few releases with Hawkman, Hawkwoman, and Hawkgirl. Link to Full Solicitations List

Art by Mikel Janin

Hawkman Vol. 4: Hawks Eternal TP
ON SALE 2/9/21
An era of Hawkman reaches its fateful climax! To save himself, Hawkman must confront his darkest moments—but will it be enough to save himself and Hawkwoman from their first and greatest enemy? Thanks to the sinister manipulation of the Batman Who Laughs, Hawkman has become the villainous Sky Tyrant—and will have to revisit his past life as a plague doctor in the 17th century to fight off Sky Tyrant’s control over his body for good!
Then, Hawkman and Hawkwoman reunite, but the romantic moment is interrupted when they’re sucked into the realm of the Lord Beyond the Void! Hawkman is forced to confront the misery he wrought in his first life as Ktar Deathbringer—who seeks to end the winged hero’s resurrections permanently! Can Hawkman and Hawkwoman survive, and save the universe in the process? Collects Hawkman #20-29.

Sep 9, 2020

Reviews of Hawkman No. 27 at Comic Book Round Up!


Check out the many reviews of Hawkman No. 27 (released September 8). The issue features the Justice Society and it is pure joy to read the book! Check out the reviews at CBRU and make sure you get your own copy! LINK

Don't forget to come over and sign the petition to keep Hawkman soaring! PETITION

Sep 8, 2020

Board Review of Hawkman No. 27: Final Justice Part One: Seems Like Old Times

The long-awaited issue of Hawkman No. 27 has finally been released. Ever since the jaw-dropping cover by Mikel Janin was released back in June, Justice Society fans have been waiting for this one. With the announcement of the ending of the series coming in November, this issue took on a whole different look and meaning. 
On the one hand, we had Hawkman and Hawkwoman joining up with the Justice Society in the 1940s. Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Sandman (Wesley Dodds), and Wildcat (Ted Grant) appeared as they battled the Injustice Society. It was pure comic book fun that many of us grew up on. This issue is a perfect example of why so many fans are hoping for Robert Venditti to take on a JSA book someday. 

Aug 30, 2020

The Inspiration of Hawkman

I teach in a private school in southern Japan. I've taught here for 25 yrs. During the school year, all of the teachers are required to give a motivational speech to the students. Well, last week it was my turn and I talked about what else? Hawkman!

Aug 26, 2020

New Animated Movie Starring the Justice Society Coming Next Year!

Art by Alex Ross
A new animated Justice Society of America movie has been announced. Reports are saying that the movie will be coming next spring. It will feature the Justice Society during World War II. With this movie and the Justice Society getting some attention from the Black Adam movie, all we need is an announcement of a new JSA comic with Robert Venditti! Article link

Aug 24, 2020

Hawkgirl Out of the Black Adam Movie

Art by Arthur Adams
Sad news. We got news from Dwayne Johnson The Rock himself that Hawkgirl has been dropped from the roster for the Black Adam movie. This is incredibly disappointing news as many fans were looking forward to seeing the Hawks together on the silver screen at last. It's not happening this time, but I hope we get to see Hawkman and Hawkwoman flying across the silver screen together someday. Preferably within my lifetime.

Aug 23, 2020

Hawkman Officially Confirmed for Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson confirms Hawkman for the upcoming Black Adam movie. It's scheduled to be released in December 2021.

Aug 21, 2020

Hawkman Vol. 3 Darkness Within Released in September 15!

The next volume of Robert Venditti's Hawkman series is out on September 15th! Hawkman Vol. 3 Darkness Within will include issues No. 13-19. Issue No. 19 has Hawkwoman's long-awaited return so don't miss this one!

Aug 18, 2020

My Reason for #SaveHawkmanCampaign

Hi everybody. After Hawkman's cancellation was announced last week, I started up a petition to save the series and give everyone a place to join the group of comic fans who want to see the comic continue. Since then, I've had several people tell me that I'm wasting my time. If it was just up to DC Comics, then there might be a slight chance. But AT&T is control of everything. And they're in the process of cutting things left and right. They couldn't care less about Hawkman. That's business. Whatever. I have no power to change it.

Art by Gerardo Zaffino
But if we don't speak out about Hawkman now, when do we? I want to speak up now and let the higher-ups see that fans do care and want the comic to continue. Venditti has created an amazing world for Hawkman and Hawkwoman. We waited for this to happen for a long time. We've been blessed to have such a great series and I'm really thankful to have had it for 2+ years.
When they made the announcement, I debated whether I should do anything, but other fans encouraged me to go for it and this series is worth speaking up and fighting for.

Art by Mikel Janin
If you enjoyed the series, sign the petition as a way to show your appreciation to Robert Venditti, Bryan Hitch, and all the other amazing artists who had a hand in bringing us this great series. Stranger things have happened. If enough of us raise our voice and we buy the last three issues like there's no tomorrow, who knows?
So you can tell me my efforts are futile and a waste of time, but saving the comic is not the only reason I'm doing this petition. This is a way to send the creators a great big thank you and that we truly enjoyed their amazing talents and efforts to bring us a series that we will enjoy for years to come. Hawkfans will be talking about this series for decades. The creators left their mark on the history of comics and great characters. I wanted them to know that. That's what this petition is for. So if you enjoyed the series over the last 2 years, take a minute to sign the petition to say Thank you. And who knows? Miracles can happen.
Art by Fernando Pasarin