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Aug 18, 2020

My Reason for #SaveHawkmanCampaign

Hi everybody. After Hawkman's cancellation was announced last week, I started up a petition to save the series and give everyone a place to join the group of comic fans who want to see the comic continue. Since then, I've had several people tell me that I'm wasting my time. If it was just up to DC Comics, then there might be a slight chance. But AT&T is control of everything. And they're in the process of cutting things left and right. They couldn't care less about Hawkman. That's business. Whatever. I have no power to change it.

Art by Gerardo Zaffino
But if we don't speak out about Hawkman now, when do we? I want to speak up now and let the higher-ups see that fans do care and want the comic to continue. Venditti has created an amazing world for Hawkman and Hawkwoman. We waited for this to happen for a long time. We've been blessed to have such a great series and I'm really thankful to have had it for 2+ years.
When they made the announcement, I debated whether I should do anything, but other fans encouraged me to go for it and this series is worth speaking up and fighting for.

Art by Mikel Janin
If you enjoyed the series, sign the petition as a way to show your appreciation to Robert Venditti, Bryan Hitch, and all the other amazing artists who had a hand in bringing us this great series. Stranger things have happened. If enough of us raise our voice and we buy the last three issues like there's no tomorrow, who knows?
So you can tell me my efforts are futile and a waste of time, but saving the comic is not the only reason I'm doing this petition. This is a way to send the creators a great big thank you and that we truly enjoyed their amazing talents and efforts to bring us a series that we will enjoy for years to come. Hawkfans will be talking about this series for decades. The creators left their mark on the history of comics and great characters. I wanted them to know that. That's what this petition is for. So if you enjoyed the series over the last 2 years, take a minute to sign the petition to say Thank you. And who knows? Miracles can happen.
Art by Fernando Pasarin

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