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Jun 21, 2023

Hawkman in Black Adam: 5 Top Powers of the DC Superhero


   SK Pop's Adrita Roy Chowdhury put out an article today on Hawkman's Top Five Powers that we see in the Black Adam movie! The list was pretty spot on and covers Hawkman pretty well. The top five are as follows:

5. Communicate with Birds and Animals.
4. The Ability to Fly
3. Nth Metal Abilities: strength enhancement, regulates body temperature, healing, regrowth of body parts, resurrection, nullifies healing of opponent, shapes into weapons, manipulation of electromagnetic fields. 
2. Reincarnation Abilities: centuries of experience and knowledge, expertise in weapons.
1. Leadership Qualities: centuries of experience, speaks hundreds of languages, brilliant tactician, strong leader, long-time leader of the Justice Society. 

I don't remember seeing those powers in the movie, but most of them have been shown in the comics in the past. I can't remember the ability to nullify an opponent's healing, so I'll have to keep my head up for that one, but either way you look at it, Nth metal and reincarnation is a potent mix! 

Click the link to get the full comments. But when you see Hawkman's abilities listed like that, you have to be impressed. Maybe DC Comics will figure out that they have an amazing hero with limitless potential, who they rarely have used in the last three years. 

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  1. AnonymousJune 21, 2023

    Hawkman has so much potential to be incredible. A movie or tv series would highlight everything that makes him cool in a way the comics haven’t yet touched upon.


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