Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Oct 28, 2022

Tim Board's Hawkworld Gallery Update

Curator Tim Board

Gallery Collection List

The gallery includes:
Original art by: 
Rags Morales
Stephan Sadowski
Alex Saviuk
Tom Ziuko
Doug Zawisza
Gary Shipman
David Hillman
Chris Giarrusso 
Prentis Rollins (4 pieces)
Mark Marvida

Signed prints by: 
Joe Kubert
Sheldon Moldoff,
Alex Ross
Michael Shanks
Robert Venditti
Alex Saviuk
Signed comics: 
Neal Adams, 
Tim Truman
Adam Kubert
Jimmy Palmiotti
Gardner Fox Signature copy and picture from his grandchildren 

Hawkman by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez 
Hawkwoman by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Hawkman by Rags Morales
   Rags sent this to me thru Facebook with the message, "For Your Wall" 
Hawkman Vol. V #29 by Mikel Janin
   The original version had the heroes bloodies and bruised after a battle. I asked Mikel if he had a "cleaned up" version and he graciously shared a whole set of versions on Twitter. 

Signed Comics
Hawkman Vol. V. No. 1-29 signed by Robert Venditti
Hawkman Vol. V #1 signed by Robert Venditti
Hawkworld Vol. 1 #1-3 signed by Tim Truman
Justice League of America #67 signed by Neal Fraiser
All-Star Squadron #1 signed by Roy Thomas
Super Powers (1985) #2 signed by Paul Kupperberg

Film Cells
Three Filmation animation cells from 1967 Hawkman cartoons

No 1 issues:
Hawkman Vol. 1
The Shadow War of Hawkman
Hawkman Vol. 2
Hawkworld Vol. 1
Hawkworld Vol. 2
Hawkman Vol. 3
Legend of the Hawkman
Hawkman Vol. 4
The Savage Hawkman
Death of Hawkman
Hawkman Vol. V.
Showcase #101
Also, Flash Comics No. 43
Justice League of America No. 31

Statues and Figures
Icebreaker Hawkman Statue
Iron Studios Hawkgirl
Square Enix DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Hawkman 
Hawkman and the Atom Mini-Bust
Hawkman Cruiser from the Black Adam movie (along with Hawkman figure)
Hawkman Helmet
Super Powers Hawkman by Kenner (2)
Lego Hawkman (6)
Lego Hawkgirl (4)
Lego Gentleman Ghost (2)
Kotobukiya Hawkman
Fansets Silver Age Hawkman pin (3)
Fansets Silver Age Hawkgirl pin (3)
Fansets Golden Age Hawkman pin 
Fansets Gentleman Ghost
Funko Pop Hawkman 17 (the infamously misspelled version)
Funko Pop Hawkgirl 138
Funko Pop DC Comics Bombshells Hawkgirl 223 (Tony Isabella sent this to me!)
Funko Pop Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl 377
Funko Pop Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman 379
Funko Pop Black Adam Hawkman 1236 
Funko Pop Black Adam Hawkman 1238
Funko Pop Black Adam Hawkman in Cruiser 286

Pins and Badges
1966 Vintage Superhero Club Hawkman Badges (11) 

More to be listed later! 

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