Art by Adam Kubert

Feb 14, 2021

The Hawkman Vol. V Trade Paperbacks

The complete set of the trade paperbacks of Hawkman Vol. V by Robert Venditti is now out! One of the best Hawkman series came to an end last November. This series has consistently been reviewed as one of the best series DC Comics has put out in recent years. Even if you know nothing about Hawkman, you will be able to dive right in and enjoy the series. From the amazing new origin by Venditti and the art of Bryan Hitch to the beautiful ending and art of Fernando Pasarin, you won't be able to put it down. There are four volumes in all:
Vol. 1 Awakening: Issues 1-6 (Released June 2019)
Vol. 2 Deathbringer: Issues 7-12 (Released December 2019) 
Vol. 3 Darkness Rising: Issues 13-18 (Released June 2020)
Vol. 4 Hawks Eternal: Issues 19-29 (Released February 2021) 

Here are three places to order the comic:
Altered Ego Comics: If you want to support a great comic book store, contact the guys here. They will go the extra mile to make sure you get your comics. They helped me send out over 60 comics to the winners of Hawkworld's giveaway contests during the Hawkman Vol. V run, and there was not a single complaint. These guys are good! Click their name to go to their website.

Or if you just want to go the Amazon route, I would suggest going to Goodreads instead. 

If you have any questions about the books or how to order, please comment below and I'll be glad to help where I can! Enjoy! 

Feb 12, 2021

Board Review: Love is a Battlefield: Together Forever

Love is a Battlefield
Together Forever
Writer: Cavan Scott 
Pencils: Jose Luis 
Inks: Jonas Trindade 
Colors: Rex Locus 
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
Editor: Michael McCalister 
Cover: Kaare Andrews 

The Hawkman series ended three months ago, but we got a nice surprise in this year's Valentine's Day issue. 

Jan 21, 2021

Tim Board's Hawkworld Gallery


Since I first started following Hawkman in 1977, I've gradually built up my collection of Hawkman and Hawkwoman comics, art, trades, figures, and other items. I've especially worked on building up my art collection in recent years. Here is a list of the items I have displayed in my collection. 

Jan 15, 2021

Five Years of Hawkworld

The first group head photo of Hawkworld / Art by Joe Prado

Five years ago, on January 15, 2016, I started the Hawkworld group on Facebook and the Hawkworld account on Twitter. It was just on a whim, to be honest. I had been bouncing around between groups and sites, looking for Hawkman, and it suddenly dawned on me to just start my own group. I had a bunch of ideas and things I wanted to do, and I didn't want to invade someone else's group, so I started Hawkman Winged Warrior.

Jan 8, 2021

Hawkworld 5th Anniversary Comic Giveaway!

Hawkworld is celebrating our anniversary on January 15th! To celebrate,
Altered Ego Comics is joining with me to offer a free copy of Hawkworld Vol. 4 (out on Feb. 9)! Just hop over to Hawkworld on Twitter and retweet this tweet to enter! I'll select a random winner on Jan. 15th!
The last trade of the series by Robert Venditti includes issues #20-29. 
Go check out Altered Ego Comics! They are based in Orange Park, Florida, but they mail comics to anyone who requests it! I have to tell you that they've been helping me for the last three years and they always go the extra mile for their customers!

Dec 29, 2020

A Video of Hawkman Legacy Comics (1939-2021)

 Here is a video of all 255 comics of the Hawkman Legacy list that I compiled with the help of Robert Venditti (Hawkman Vol. V), Doug Zawisza (Hawkman Companion), and George Gene Gustines (New York Times).

Dec 24, 2020

The Cover Art of Hawkman Vol. 5 (2018-2021)

 Hawkman Vol. V by Robert Venditti gave us some of the most beautiful cover art of Hawkman and Hawkwoman ever. Here is the complete collection of all 58 textless covers (except for a couple exceptions that I couldn't find without text). Just click the link to go to the art page. LINK

Dec 12, 2020

Mind-blowing Gift from Robert Venditti!


A few months ago, when we were coming out of the shutdown from the Coronavirus and comics were starting up again, I had some trouble getting my comics in Japan. Hawkman No. 25 was especially hard to get and I was still having trouble finding a copy six months after its release. I put out a word on Twitter to see if anyone could help me find a copy. But then I received a couple of tweets from Robert Venditti, the writer of the Hawkman Vol. V series. 

Dec 6, 2020

The Complete List of Hawkman Trade Paperbacks, Omnibuses, and Collections

The books are listed by the title, the contents, and the release date.

1 Hawkman by Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert
The Brave and the Bold #34-36, #42-44 
1989 January

Nov 26, 2020

New Version of the Cover of Hawkman No. 29 by Mikel Janin

 The cover of Hawkman No. 29 is truly a masterpiece and one of the best ever of Hawkman and Hawkwoman together. But I had a desire to see the picture "cleaned up" and see the two without the blood and ripped costumes. Not expecting anything, I tweeted that I would like to see it. Lo and behold, artist Mikel Janin responded and gave Hawkfans a truly beautiful version of a great cover. He also shared many more "unfinished" unfinished covers on Hawkworld Facebook! Many thanks to Mikel for his generosity and wonderful work on the recent series. We hope we get to see more Hawkman and Hawkwoman art by him in the future!