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Jul 5, 2023

Screen Rant Article Intro: DCEU Movies Chronologically & By Release Date


   The DCEU as a whole has been a huge mess since it started careening off the tracks around the time when Batman Vs. Superman was released. Snyder ducking out of the Justice League because of a family tragedy and letting another director finish it up was never going to work. The Coronavirus stalled everything. Films were either canceled or constantly pushed back. Pushing back release dates can be tolerated, but needless to say, canceling projects after announcing them is a huge turnoff for fans. DC did/does/will do that way too much. It appears that they have a shallow commitment to their characters, fans, and plans. 

   During the whole process, they started something else on the side, but the side projects ended up being more successful than most of the main projects. If I were David Zazlav, I would have dropped all of it, looked at The Batman and Joker movies, and built my new universe around them. Announce two or three movies at a time. I would have never announced this chapter one schedule that everyone expects to be canceled sooner or later anyway. Marvel may be the day of superhero movies, so let DC be the night. Marvel can be Pg-13, so let DC take the R-rated movies. Make it a dark, serious, dramatic, and unforgettable universe. They need to keep people talking about the potential but instead, they keep letting us talk about the failures.

   And here we are. Waiting for the last two lame duck movies to come out so we can get on with it in 2025. There was so much potential in the DCEU when Man of Steel came out, but they squandered it all away. That's what happens when you don't have faith in the source material or the fans. 

   Enough of my rant. I guess if I knew better that DC or Warner Brothers, I'd be sitting where Zazlav or James Gunn is sitting. We'll just have to trust they'll eventually get it right, or just leave it all behind. Screen Rant put out a helpful article to follow the DCEU in release dates and how they all fit together chronologically. Definitely gonna bookmark this article for future reference. Check it out! LINK

Jun 23, 2023

15 Deadliest Justice League Members (Screen Rant)

Hawkman Vol. V #7 (February 2019)

   "Heroes don't kill." This was the line that was repeated by Hawkman in the Black Adam movie. While it was noble and all, it really doesn't fit Hawkman. Since his reincarnation began, Hawkman's mission has been to save lives, but as comic book readers have seen in the comics, there have been many times when Hawkman had no qualms about killing the enemy to save other lives. His iconic mace is pretty much proof of that. Hawkman is already ranked pretty high in this Screen Rant article, but if you add in the lives he took before he broke free of the Lord of the Void's control and entered into the reincarnation cycle with Hawkwoman, he would be a solid No. 1. Check out the article by Justin Epps and see if you agree with the rankings.