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Jun 16, 2023

Ten Best Underrated DC Comics of the 2000s (CBR)


   Back in 2006, a new Hawkgirl series picked up where Hawkman Vol. 4 left off, starting at issue No. 50 and continuing for 17 issues. Walter Simonson wrote all 17 issues, and the art was shared by Howard Chaykin (7 issues), Renato Arlem (7 issues), Joe Bennett (2 issues), and Dennis Calero (1 issue). 
   The series picked up after the Infinite Crisis event. Hawkman had decided to stay on Thanagar to help rebuild, so Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders went back to St. Roch to run the Stonechat Museum until Carter Hall returned. Hawkman eventually returned and the ending seemingly resolved the Shiera/Kendra conundrum, until the Blackest Night event brought it right back.

   In my humble opinion, the storylines weren't all that great, and Chaykin's art of Hawkgirl was...odd. It danced on the edge of soft porn in some places and also gave us, again in my humble opinion, the worst Hawkgirl cover in her 83-year history. You can see it here if you must. It wasn't all bad, and I think I enjoyed the last third of the series the most. The series has been collected in three trades (shown above) so check it out if you're a huge Hawkgirl fan. 
   For the reasons above, I was a bit surprised to see the Hawkgirl series included in this CBR article. Every series has its fans, I suppose.

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