Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Mar 2, 2019

HAWK TALK! Talking about everything Hawkworld!

Hawk Talk is soaring! The very first podcast of Hawk Talk is out! LINK
1. Welcome to Hawk Talk
2. Promoting the current Hawkman series
3. Why Hawkman Matters
4. Q&A
5. This week in Hawkworld: Sheldon Moldoff, Death of Hawkman No. 6
6. Hawkgirl Day
7. Fan promoting the current Hawkman series
8. Upcoming Hawkman/Hawkgirl Comics


  1. Hey there. I'm a total Hawkman noobie. I discovered him around issue 5 of this new series. I kept hearing great word of mouth so I decided to give it a chance despite many decades of prejudice towards the character. I used to be a big Marvel fanboy back in the 80s/90s.

    I got out of comics right before the crash and only recently got back in last year. It was clear that Marvel was not worth supporting any more so I began my new comics journey with DC. I'm still getting over my old bias/prejudices but I'm becoming a convert. My favorite DC comic right now is Hawkman, and that's why I decided to give your podcast a listen.

    Good first episode. I'm interested in hearing more. I myself am a small fry YouTuber. I do reviews on and talk about comics and comic culture. If you ever feel like checking it out, here's the link:

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for contributing to the hobby!

    1. Thanks! Always happy to meet a fellow Hawkfan! I'll definitely check your channel!


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