Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Jun 14, 2018

Reviews for Hawkman No. 1

Hawkman No. 1 is finally released! There have been a flurry of reviews coming out of everywhere. The best reviews I've read today are by Doug Zwaisza at Comicosity and Louie Hlad at The Beat.

Doug says: "Rest assured, fellow Hawkfans, Hawkman #1 is worth the wait. Venditti and Hitch, along with inker Andrew Currie, colorist Alex Sinclair, and the Comicraft lettering crew, have given us a comic that stands proudly alone, yet pays wonderful, loving homage to everything that has gone before." Link to Article

Louie says: "Let’s all make an agreement with the creative team of Hawkman #1 right now, okay? Let’s promise to judge the book on its own merits as a fresh start, not by whether it matches our favorite incarnation of the character exactly or (worse) by whether it makes any sense of that tangled web of nonsense. They’ve signed up for a hell of a job, we can grant them some latitude.But we’re going to ask for something in return. We, the bruised and weary fans, have a list of demands for the new creative team." Link to Article

Hawkman is finally back! And the start looks very promising! Issue No. 2 is out July 11th! Go ahead and get it on your pull list, Hawkfans!

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