Art by Prentis Rollins

Apr 25, 2018

April 25th is Hawkgirl Day!

Art by Jim Lee
Seventy-seven years ago. on April 25, 1941, Shiera Sanders flew for the first time as Hawkgirl, beginning a long career. She was considered a sort of sidekick for Hawkman at first, but over the years she has taken her own place as a popular character in the comics and on the TV cartoon shows, and she is now one of the most recognizable heroines in comics today. From Shiera Saunders to Shayera Thal to Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl has left her mark in DC Comics no matter which identity she has been given. Kendra Saunders made a big comeback in the recent Metal series by Scott Snyder and will be taking her rightful place in the new Justice League comic starting on June 6th.
Shiera Sanders made her debut on November 10, 1939 along with Carter Hall.Hawkman in Flash Comics No. 1 (cover date January 1940), but she did not appear as Hawkgirl until All-Star Comics No. 5 (cover date June 1941). We celebrate April 25th as her anniversary since that is the official release date of the comic.
There are lots of exciting times ahead for Hawkgirl fans as she flies high in the Justice League and will eventually appear in the new Hawkman series as well. It's a great time to be a Hawkgirl fan!
Art by Sean Moore
Art by Ed Coutts
Art by John Watson
Art by Arthur Adams

Art By Ivan Herranz

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