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Nov 11, 2023

Three Years Ago: The Hawkman Vol. V Run Came to an End


   On November 10, 2020, Hawkman Vol. V by Robert Venditti came to a close. It started in June 2018, ran for 29 issues, and gave Hawkman (Carter Hall III) and Hawkwoman (Shayera Hol II) a fantastic reunion and a wonderful future. It expanded on Hawkman and Hawkwoman's origins, their relationship, Hawkman's friendship with Atom and even The Shade, and gave new abilities and even a new ship. It has become many Hawkfans' favorite Hawkman series of all time. So what has happened during the last three years? 

   There has a bit here and there. There have been three anthology stories (8-10 pages long), some zombie/vampire series, one Black Adam tie-in comic, a Cavan Scott story that has no promise of being continued, and a six-issue mini series starring Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders). Hawkwoman has appeared in two of the athology stories and the Scott story intro, but other than that, she has been non-existent. Hawkgirl continued in Justice League for a while but since 2021, the only thing she has appeared in has been a Death Metal tie-in back story issue and the aforementioned  series. The current Justice Society of America series has turned out to be a Huntress story, leaving Hawkman on a couple of covers and cameo appearances. 

   On the movie front, a comic-inaccurate version appeared in Black Adam, but any hope for a spinoff or sequel was killed off while the movie was still in the theaters. Hawkgirl apparently will be appearing in James Gunn's Superman movie, but we have no idea why. We'll have to wait and see on that one. 

   From a Hawkfan's perspective, it's been a pretty barren three years of scouring the solicitations each month for any sign of the Hawks. There does not appear to be anything on the horizon, and judging from the writing we're getting in the current Hawkgirl series, that may be a blessing in disguise. 

April 2021 
"Together Forever" starring Hawkman and Hawkwoman

February 2022
"A Change of Heart" starring Hawkman, Harley Quinn and Blue Snowman

September 2022 
Starring Black Adam movie version Hawkman/Carter Hall

January 2023
"Home for the Holidays" starring Hawkman and Hawkwoman

September 2023 - present
Starring Hawkgirl

December 2023
"The Changeling" starring Hawkman and Hawkwoman
(digital only)

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