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Jun 17, 2023

The Hawkman Family (Updated 6-16-2023)


Here is a quick introduction to all the members of the Hawkman Family that we have seen over the years. In the Hawks' long history, many characters have been added to their family. 

Golden Age 

Carter Hall (Hawkman) 
Shiera Sanders (Hawkgirl) 
Hector Hall (Silver Scarab/Sandman/Doctor Fate): Son of Carter and Shiera
Lyta Trevor (Fury): daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, wife of Hector Hall
Daniel Hall (Dream of the Endless): son of Hector Hall and Lyta Trevor 
Wonder Woman: mother of Lyta Trevor (Pre-Crisis)
Steve Trevor: father of Lyta Trevor (Pre-Crisis)
Helena Kosmatos (Fury): mother of Lyta Trevor (Post-Crisis)
Joan Dale Trevor (Miss America): adoptive mother of Lyta Trevor (Post-Crisis)
Norda Cantrell (Northwind): Feitheran, godson of Carter and Shiera Hall 

Silver/Bronze Age 

Katar Hol (Hawkman)
Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman)
Paran Katar: father of Katar Hol 
Rhon Dhu: ancestor of Shayera 
Ray Palmer (Atom): best friend of Katar Hol 

Hawkworld Age 

Katar Hol (Hawkman)
Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman)
Paran Katar: father of Katar Hol, inventor of Nth Metal wings and floating cities
Naomi Carter (Faraway Woman): mother of Katar Hol, ex-wife of Paran Katar
Andar Pul: father of Shayera Thal, Thanagar Police Commissioner 
Shayera Thal: mother of Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman, daughter of Thal Provis and Hyanthis
Thal Provis: Administrator of Thanagar, grandfather of Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman)
Hyanthis: grandmother of Shayera Thal (grandmother), ex-wife of Thal Provis 
Andar Nul: brother of Andar Pul, father of Fel Andar 
Naomi O'Neil: wife of Andar Nul, mother of Fel Andar 
Fel Andar: imposter Hawkman, father of Charley Parker (Golden Eagle), cousin of Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman)
Sharon Parker: imposter Hawkwoman, wife of Fel Andar, mother of Charley Parker 
Charley Parker/ Ch'al Andra (Golden Eagle)

New Earth Age 

Carter Hall II (Hawkman): merged Golden Age Carter Hall and Hawkworld's Katar Hol 
Shiera Hall (Hawkwoman): merged with Kendra Saunders after Kendra's suicide attempt
Speed Saunders: cousin of Shiera Sanders
Michael Saunders: son of Speed Saunders, father of Kendra (Hawkgirl)
Trina Saunders: mother of Kendra (Hawkgirl) 
Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl) 
Mia Mendoza: Kendra Saunders daughter who she gave up for adoption 
Brian Kent (the Silent Knight): past life of Carter Hall, ancestor of Jonathan Kent
Celia Penbrook: past life of Shiera Saunders, ancestor of Jonathan Kent 
Khea Taramka: mother of Shiera Saunders, Queen of Hawkworld 
Niklas Von Grimm: blacksmith, father of Hawkman in the 14th century

New 52 

Katar Hol/Carter Hall (Savage Hawkman): gladiator champion of Thanagar, fiancee to Shayera Thal
Shayera Thal, daughter of Lord Thal Provis of Thanagar, fiancee of Katar Hol 
Corsar Thal: ruler of Thanagar, brother of Shayera Thal 
Lord Thal Provis: ruler of Thanagar 


Carter Hall (Hawkman):
Shayera Hol (Hawkwoman): Empress of Thanagar Prime, former wife of deceased Katar Hol (Savage Hawkman) Note: Rebooted version of New 52's Shayera Thal)
Katar Hol (Savage Hawkman): deceased former husband of Shayera Hol (Hawkwoman)
Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl): former Lady Blackhawk, mother of Shane (father:Martian Manhunter)

There will probably be more revelations in the future! Stay tuned! 

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