Art by Prentis Rollins

Oct 22, 2019

Hawkman 80th Celebration Fan Art!

Hawkman Day is coming up on November 10, 2019! We've chosen this day as Hawkman Day because Hawkman first appeared in the comics on November 10, 1939. Flash Comics No. 1's cover date is January 1940, but the comic was actually released on Nov. 10. Since we got the ball for the event rolling, Hawkfans have been sharing their art of the Winged Wonder. As the art is released, I'll be adding everyone's art to this post, so if you have some art to share, give me a shoutout on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and I'll post it here, along with your name and the source. Click the name to go to the original source! Let's make Hawkman Day a day to celebrate one of the most iconic characters in comics!

By Vaibhav Kumar

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