Art by Prentis Rollins

Aug 20, 2019

The 80th Anniversary of Hawkman!

On November 10, 1939, Flash Comics No. 1 (cover date January 1940) was released. Hawkman, created by Gardner Fox, made his debut in the book and the iconic DC Comics hero celebrates his 80th birthday! The last 80 years have been a much bumpier ride for the Winged Wonder than for heroes like Superman, Batman, and The Flash, but the fact that he is still here and with an ongoing series is a testament to his appeal.
Join us in celebrating Hawkman's 80th Anniversary! If you have a website to post an article, a podcast, a YouTube channel, Hawkman art to share, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we will add the link to your site below! If you're a Hawkman fan, leave a message below to celebrate with us!

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