Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)
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Nov 16, 2023

Now Just a Hawkworld Minute #004: Friend or Foe


   The friendship of Hawkman and Atom (Ray Palmer) is well-known among DC Comics fans. Ever since they first met back in Atom #7 in 1963, the heroes' friendship has been one of the strongest in the DCU. Hawkman values his friendships greatly. We have seen it in his friendships with Adam Strange and Barry Allen as well. But something very unexpected was revealed in Hawkman Vol. V #16 (Nov. 2019). 

   Through reincarnation, Hawkman is practically immortal. He has lived life after life through thousands, possibly millions of years. He has had to say goodbye to countless friends and family, again and again and again. That much loss has to take a toll, even if he is Hawkman. 

   In the issue written by Robert Venditti, Carter Hall teamed up with The Shade (Richard Swift) to defeat the Gentleman Ghost. After their victory, Carter presents Richard with a gift, a cane with a handle that looks like a Hawk. At first, Richard refuses, but Carter insists he take it and calls him a friend. 

   Venditti mentioned in an interview that Carter desired a friend who wouldn't die on him. A friend that would be around as long as he will be. When they defeated the Gentleman Ghost, Carter sensed some good in Richard, and here was someone who could be a friend whom he would not have to say goodbye to. Carter's desire to have a long-lasting friendship and his gift to Richard Swift is an unexpectedly endearing moment in the long history of Hawkman. 

Hawkman Vol. V #16
(November 2019)