Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Jun 16, 2024

Back Issue Review: Hawkman Vol. 4 No. 2

The issue opens with Carter and Shiera at Midway City storage. Everything from the Hawks’ past is stored there, including a Thanagarian warship called a Brontadon. Carter is an expert pilot, but Shiera/Shayera was the one who handled the ship’s maintenance. When the ship doesn’t start, the past memories inside of Kendra kick in and she easily fixes the Nth metal engine. That was pretty cool. It was a brilliant idea to separate the Hawks’ abilities with their ships in this way.
The Hawks arrive in India, and they run into Jayita, who insults Hawkman by saying his accent sounds like metal scraping concrete. He can speak hundreds of languages fluently, so her critique of his Hindi was a bit odd. Maybe she just likes to insult anyone who is not Indian.
Someone who appears to be Green Arrow appears in St. Roch. Only the second issue and there’s a Carter-Ollie confrontation coming up? Yay!
They find Danny and rescue him from being eaten alive by Copperhead. Shadow Thief is also there and we get to see a nostalgic battle between him and Carter. The Tigress and Kendra definitely don’t like each other and go at it pretty hard. Kendra needs her own rogues gallery and these two have a lot of potential. The Shadow Thief is much creepier than before, even masochistic apparently. It suits him.
Rags Morales was born to draw Carter and Kendra. Ever since we were treated to his work in this series, I’ve always compared his work to other heroes, I have to say that Morales’ work with the Hawks was something special and right up there with Joe Kubert’s. The Hawks vs. the villains, Oliver Evans vs. Kristopher Roderic, Green Arrow, and some hard-charging elephant warriors were enough to keep us anxiously waiting for the next issue.

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