Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Jun 30, 2023

CBR: Best DC Superhero Friends (including Hawkman and the Atom and the Justice Society!)

Art by Bryan Hitch 

   CBR put out a list of "Best DC Superhero Friends" and a friendship that always makes these lists is Hawkman and Atom. These two have been close pals since 1963, when they first met in Atom #7. I wrote an article about the history of their friendship and why the two of them are so close. I hope this friendship will get some spotlight someday. CW's Legend of Tomorrow completely whiffed on that one. 

An entire season together but nothing. Meanwhile...

...Atom and Hawkgirl end up together.

    Hawkman also makes it on another listing with the Justice Society. Carter Hall, Jay Garrick, Allan Scott and the other Golden Age members have been close friends for over 80 years! That's a pretty strong bond for a team. 

Justice Society of America #26

Check out the friendships on CBR's list! Did they leave off anyone? 

My article: Hawkman and The Atom: An Enduring Friendship

CBR article: 10 Strongest DC Hero Friendships

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