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Jan 22, 2019

GREAT Review of Hakwman No. 8 by Ritesh Babu of AiPT

If you're a Hawkman fan, do yourself a favour and go read the review for Hawkman No. 1 by Ritesh Babu of the AiPT site. If this review doesn't get you excited about the direction that Venditti and Hitch are taking Hawkman, then I doubt anything will. 
This is where the additive approach of Venditti and Hitch really roars with its might. What they’ve brought to Hawkman is an ability unlike anything or anyone else. None of his immortal hero brethren across any world share his skill. In fact, it’s hard to think of any character with such a talent. It’s something utterly idiosyncratic to Hawkman, an addition specific to him and no one else. It makes him not only a unique hero in all of DC Comics but in all of superhero fiction. It literalizes all his greatest strengths and perfectly captures everything he is and represents in his powerset. 
There are four more issues in the current storyline. Venditti is rebuilding the hero and the sky's the limit for Hawkman. Check out the article! Link 

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