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May 26, 2023

Hawkman's Mansion

   In the Black Adam movie, we got a brief look at Hawkman's mansion. From the brief shots that we saw, it was truly impressive and displayed Carter Hall's immense wealth. In the movie, it was located in St. Roch, Louisiana and served as the Justice Society's headquarters. As Hawkfans remember, St. Roch was Hawkman and Hawkgirl's base during the Vol. 4 series by Geoff Johns and later Jimmy Palmiotti during the 2000s. It also made an appearance in the Legends of Tomorrow TV series. 

   I've seen some comments and articles asking how Hawkman is so rich. But think about it. This guy is the living historical document of the universe. Not only of Earth but of thousands of other planets. And he's been reincarnating for millions of years. This guy knows where ALL the treasures are buried. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew of a planet made entirely out of gold or diamonds somewhere. It would be no surprise if he had unlimited wealth on Earth and other places. And he would need it for the upkeep of his Nth metal ship and weapons.

Also, people keep saying that the movie ripped off the X-Men's idea for a mansion and plane takeoff. There have been other shows and anime with similar ideas in the past, long before the X-men did it. The Thunderbirds or Majinga Z are some examples. What else are they going to do? "The X-Men had their ship in the front yard, so we need to put it away from the mansion and have Hawkman have to hop over there because we need to be original and impractical." Some people complain about it, but I haven't seen many people offer up an alternative solution. Come on. I don't remember people saying the X-Men ripped off Batman's mansion for their movie. There is more than one mansion, and the plane should be where the hero can get to it right away. It looked awesome and I hope it appears again. 

As for St. Roch, it appears to be based on the outskirts of the city and it is where Hawkman keeps his Nth metal cruiser. 

The hangar and the Nth metal ship

Jad Saber created some 3D shots of the mansion and posted them on ArtStation

Hawkman's Mansion by Jad Saber

   Where is the city located? In the DC Universe, it appears to be another name for New Orleans. In reality, St. Roch is a subdistrict in the Bywater District in New Orleans. Here are a couple of Google map scans to give you an idea of where it is. 

The actual St. Roch subdistrict in New Orleans is outlined in red.

   Let's hope that Hawkman's Estate will make another appearance someday soon in the DCU movies. It's too awesome to be wasted with such a brief appearance. Here's the full scene from the movie.

DC Fandom: St. Roch 
DC Fandom: DCEU/DCU St. Roch 
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