Art by Prentis Rollins (2017, Commissioned by Tim Board)

Dec 10, 2017

How a Boy Fell in Awe with Hawkman

It's the end of the day, middle of the night actually, I can't sleep so here I am. You know how you lie awake at night, thinking about the past, remembering things sort of vaguely, when one moment kind of latches on and you start remembering details you forgot about. What is this about? It's about Hawkman, of course! 
Art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano

Back when I was about 13, I found the 1976 DC Calendar in the marked down bin at a Pic-N-Save in Jacksonville, Florida. The year 1976 was over so it was about 50 cents. I didn't buy it (I so wish I did) but I had no money at the time and my mom's chin was jutting out which usually meant "ask for money and receive death", so I had to pass, but I remember flipping through it and seeing that Neal Adams/Dick Giordino picture on the back. This was the picture that got me hooked on Hawkman. The other heroes were cool, too, but the wings, the harness, the flying, and the helmet were so awesome. So I started getting into comics. But I discovered Hawkman did not have his own comic. The only place I found him was in the Justice League so I bought every JLA comic I could get my hands on. But he wasn't a main character. My second favorite hero was Green Lantern. He was in the JLA, was on the Super Friends, and had his own comic (with Green Arrow). We had this empty shed next to our house which was my Hall of Justice. When I played superheroes, I usually played as Hawkman or Green Lantern.

Cover by Joe Kubert

But then one Saturday, right before my 14th birthday, I ran down to the Seven-Eleven as I always did to check out the new comics and there it was; Showcase No. 101. The cover had Hawkman in front, flanked by Hawkgirl and Adam Strange. It is one of the greatest comic book covers in the history of comic book covers. My attraction to Hawkman hit me all over again. This hero was SO COOL! The wings, the mace, his partner, Thanagar, just everything about him was awesome. The Showcase issue reminded me and renewed my fascination with this awesome character. I still have that 3-issue series today. 
With most anything, I am a one-whatever kind of guy. When I decide that I like something; that's it. It gets my full devotion. I've been that way since a kid. I can't like two baseball teams, or two colors, or two anything. This is probably to my detriment but that's the way I'm wired I suppose. 

From the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure

And now I get to the moment I remembered tonight. One day I went to my desk, sat down, and drew a picture of three heroes; Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Superman. These three were my favorite at the time. The three of them were standing on a pedestal; Green Lantern in the middle, Hawkman on the left, and Superman on the right. Since I can remember, I have always made lists of the pros and cons of something to help me decide something. Seeing it on paper sometimes helps me see the answer clearly. And I wanted to decide which hero was going to get my full devotion. So I started writing a list of what I like about the heroes. All three could fly. That has always been a prerequisite power for me. If the superhero can't fly, he/she never gets near my favorites list. Superman and Green Lantern had a pretty good list, but then I started on Hawkman. The list was a lot longer than I realized it would be, and it was a lot more than Superman or Green Lantern. I think I allowed myself to realize how much I really liked this character, even though he wasn't in a monthly comic book. Some things just make your heart beat faster when you see them and Hawkman has always been one of those things. Maybe many of you reading can remember back to the moment when you fell in awe with your favorite character. 
Since I started Hawkworld almost two years ago, my fascination with the characters of Hawkman and Hawkgirl has only grown. Rambling over. Going back to bed.

Art by Neal Adams


  1. Loved reading this. Great work.

  2. I can't sleep tonight either and I love hawkman and your site has been a blast to stay up and read!


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